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Kate Bush Hounds of Love "Wildcard" Audio Post: Being - Dream & Nothingness

Rob here: Welcome to my 1st audio Wildcard post. I wanted this to be my first Wildcard because there were a couple of different places in both the S2Ep.1 Podcast, but also the Aftercast, where we talked about the philosophic concept of Being, and also specifically about the German Philosopher Martin Heidegger. I wanted to take a shot at illustrating Heidegger's thoughts about Being, and how he thinks we can manifest that experience for ourselves, while tying it to the experience of something Kate Bush was doing in "The Ninth Wave" (the suite that is side 2 of Kate's album Hounds of Love. I'll let you have a listen - you can tell me how I did. That's part of the fun of doing these audio Wildcards - we just don't know exactly what they are yet, or what they'll become.

This particular Wildcard will be freely accessible to everyone (Patreon subscribers and non-subscribers alike) on our brand new Patreon account gateway. You can follow this hyperlink and it will take you right there. All future Wildcards will only be available to our Patrons as Patreon Exclusive Bonus Content. Music is such a vital part of the human experience, and our discussions have opened so many doors and windows to things that really deserve more exploration, that we felt compelled to try to bring more breadth & depth to the table, and to seek more engagement from you. We hope these Wildcards accomplish some of that.

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